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Taurus Love Compatibility: Taurus Sign Compatibility Guide!

But I can say even though I just started dating and getting out of a bad marriage. I have never been treated the way this wonderful man treats me. I know I need to take it slow. I want it to go soooo fast! The things he says are just melting! The way he acts is soooooo sexy to me!

The way he is with his twin boys he is a single dad, mom not involved at all! It just makes me want him so much more! Help me! They say love at first site ya right but damn I have only known him 2 weeks and im falling fast! I completely agree, I am an Aries and my husband is a Taurus. I love to do different things all the time and lose interest very quickly. This caused me many problems earlier in life. Then I met my husband who encourages me to follow through with the things I start.

He is very stable and saves money where I make money and spend it fairly quickly. However, we have come to many compromises over the past 6yrs and it seems like our love has only grown through the struggle of our differences. He knows howbto handel each and every stupid tantrum of mine in all the ways… Hope it lasts forever! I am a Taurus woman, and my man is an Aries, i recently got out of a 5 year relationship with a leo man that was painfully boring, i started falling for my Aries man while i was in the relationship.

Iv never been happier with a partner, he is crazy wild, and full of life, i love him with my every being, and he loves me.

Taurus and Taurus Love Compatibility

I really feel i have found my soul mate! Its crazy Im an Aries woman in hsve met a Taurus man. At first it really didnt like him but the more we have been around in talked. I notice alot of thing I like about him. He hasva very calming sprit always says the right things in omg in bed we are eye to eye. Only thing is he married slput up in i think his wife is trying to come back. Its to much to stomach but our friendship is wonderful we are open with eachother in both can talk about anything with no judgement on either end.

I think im faling for him but i take it day by day not letting him know more then needed. In its crazy he can already tell when im thinking to hard in something is wrong its like he pays me slot of attention where im kind timid in scared to kind approach him in frount of ppl. All in all we are good friends. I am a Taurus and my daughters father is an aries. I do believe it has nothing to do with him being an aries but his own thing. I believe in astrology to the max, im just not grasping this part of him! Very frustrating…does anyone have advice haha.

I never hurd a aries not being sexual we are freeks in the bed. Maybe something else is going on.

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Talk 2 him. I am As Taurus met an Aries man in oct. We are just friends.

I feel we have great chemistry.. He is so busy with work. We hardly spend any alone time together..

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: The Hero and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

Expressing myself to him. He read it. But No response , Reply comments nothing.. But nothing special or extra.. I care so strongly for him. That I am not interested in no other guys.. I Am All his.. If he would just open his eyes.

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I just merry am Aries man two days ago and the conversation is wonderful , he seems very nice. I am an aries and my bf is libra. Nothing upsets these lovers more than infidelity, but — luckily — because both partners are so dedicated to each other and the relationship and because Taureans tend to be very reliable, cheating is rare. Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus.

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  5. When two people with Venus energy come together, it can be love at first sight. Both partners are highly romantic and loving, and they never tire of physical contact and touching. They are the great stamina Signs of the Zodiac; they love to go all day and all night and all the next day … They are highly sensual and both enjoy pampering.

    Emotional security is very important to them, but when this is guaranteed these partners can be as decadent and indulgent as they please. They can tend to be lazy, becoming overly relaxed in the moment, but generally they work very hard to maintain the lifestyle of luxury that they prefer. Taurus is an Earth Sign. These two most likely love to garden they share a mutual love of beauty.

    Earth Signs are also about possessions, and two Taurus partners usually surround themselves with beautiful things — a lovely home, artwork, luxurious fabrics, expensive cars. They also share a love of rich, fine foods — a regular fitness routine might not be a bad idea for these two to help them keep off those extra pounds! Taurus is a Fixed Sign. They generally shy away from change, preferring life to be stable, steady and predictable. Once these two make up their minds that the relationship is a good one, they will devote themselves to each other.

    But if they have differing ideas, they may find themselves in a never-ending battle of wills. Their incredible loyalty to each other and their dedication to continuing the romance — no matter how long-term the relationship is. Their mutual love of romance and comfort makes theirs a highly devoted and long-lasting relationship.