Zeita diana horoscop february 2020

By the time that happens, Mars will have changed lanes into Scorpio and your collaborative corner, heating up your platonic connections from November 19 to January 3, Things should become more fun, with your social life on fire and you craving more freedom. Be careful about crossing the line with a friend or coworker, though. While date nights will be still a lure, take some pressure off by hanging out in groups or doing things with other couples.

Not everyone is going to be percent supportive of all your dating or lifestyle choices—and who cares?

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Thank your friends for their concern, then trust your heart—and your gut. Saturn is solid. Saturn has your back.

Saturn has longevity and will really hang in there. Saturn will hold its ground while continually climbing UP like the mountain goat 'Capricorn'. Saturn in Capricorn is in its natural 'Home' placement and is quite comfortable here. This is a Good thing! Saturn can endure and really hang in there, like the mountain goat does for incredibly long periods of time. Saturn rules longevity and time. Saturn is 'Father Time'. The mountain goat knows the summit is there for the taking and the mountain goat will get there.

Dang straight he will get there! Saturn will kick others ass if they mess with you while you are doing your thing 'rightly'. So do your thing 'rightly' and Saturn will have your back. Saturn has commitment, timing and longevity. Saturn is the proud papa and wants to pat you on the back, give you a reward and say, "See that one right there? That's my kid. You can be that kid!!! Saturn will also not only take the keys, Saturn will sell the car if you can't handle it. Saturn won't really put up with you doing C work if you are A capable.

So we get the first chance to get it right, then we get the second chance and then we get the third chance before we progress forward. God is Good folks. He is not giving us two or three chances just to mess with us and screw up our lives.


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God is giving us three chances to get it right because He is Awesome and because He Loves us. In general, the legislation sets more stringent levels of scrutiny and regulation according to a charity's size.

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The bill also funds a number of new consumer services positions to handle the new workload. Finally, the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will set up a website that will post all financial infor- mation. This could be the most critical section of the new law: Anyone with questions about a charity's efficiency will be able to see how the money is used.

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This has already proven to be a handy tool for assessing national charities. Fifty-seven people were arrested. Jennifer Carroll eventually resigned following news that she had been a consultant for Allied Veterans.

Zeita diana horoscop february 2020

Added to that shameful situa- tion was an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting that cemented Florida's reputation as a haven for questionable solicitation practices. The reporting found that Florida was home base to 11 of the nation's 50 charities that spent the most money on professional solicita- tion companies. While this legislation should slow the big sharks, we also hope it won't burden the smaller char- ities that serve the community.

All must register already. The promise is a system that heightens credibility. While not commenting on the specifics of this legislation, she added, "A ccountability is huge part of what we do, and we support that wholeheartedly.

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And in BC Editor: "Young people today love luxury, they have bad manners, contempt for authority and disrespect for older people. They're too lazy to train; they'd rather sit and chat. They no longer rise when elders enter the room, they contradict their parents, can't hold their tongues in company, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers.

Things do not appear to change very much with the human species. John R Derr Port Charlotte Disrespectful to veterans Editor: The reason I am writing to your newspaper is to express my disbelief on how disrespect- ful our local government is. He told one of the postal workers about it, and he said he would let someone know about it.

On Tuesday, we went back to the post office to drop off some mail and we noticed that the flag was still hanging upside down. It was so heartbreaking to see how our military was being shown respect. Jeanette Grey Punta Gorda A few thoughts about education Editor: A recent letter considered that we don't need music and arts because we need more science and technology.

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This is despite the fact that students who have both music and art score higher overall in tests and creative thinking than those who do not. There are a few other things they need to learn as well as technology, science and math. How about grammar, U. We don't seem to teach those anymore. Add dance and theater to ad-valorem taxes, so the rest will pay more. Second option, it passes. The ad-valorem taxes are a little more stable. Homeowners who now pay little or nothing for county government, schools and the sheriff's budget on their annual tax assessment will pay a little more on some purchases that they make.

Our visitors will pay a little more and we can all appreciate the tax impact that they make. Gas, unprepared foods and some home improvement items are not sales tax items. Howard Shaw Port Charlotte Do away with private schools after-school along with sports. Another person thinks that we are teaching them to be dependent.

Who taught you to believe in yourself? Your par- ents did. School didn't. Studies show that children's self-esteem goes down in school. Despite the fact we give everyone a trophy for just showing up. It is neither school nor the govern- ment who teach children to be dependent, parents do.

The job of teaching children to be ethi- cal, moral, functioning adults is the parents' job. Academics are the teachers' job. When I was a child, if you were in trouble at school, you were in more trouble at home. Your teacher was your boss at school.

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When your parents agreed with the teacher, you learned how to work with a boss. Now, no one is in charge, we just blame someone else. Perhaps decontamination stops at the foot of the south- bound Peace River Bridge and a bio-suit station on the north-bound side and the same on the Fort Myers borders.