Rising sign compatibility aquarius and aquarius

They must be open-minded and not prejudice either. Your dream: to form a tolerant couple, who inspires society and shakes it up. Do not ask questions, what needs to happen will be done! With the help of Uranus, who governs this area, love always strikes without warning. The most unusual places and ways are often auspicious.

Behavior of the Descendant Aquarius

A train delay, an event that revolutionizes the course of things, an emergency situation and oh, here is a person who is more interesting than others. Otherwise, places like a plane, a laboratory or a futuristic city, with its glass skyscrapers, are also conducive to these new age relationships.

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With Aquarius as the Descendant, you do not see conflict coming: you are too idealistic for that. However, the planet Uranus is responsible for spicing up your program: boom, there is a beautiful storm that happens and you never saw the lightning coming. With your Leo Ascendant, you are sure that you are doing everything right. The fault therefore falls on the other, who suddenly does not show the expected face.

Either by becoming too demanding, or getting tired of yourself, or by becoming outright marginal in the way of eccentricities. It must be said, instability marks your partnerships period by period and despite everything, the breaks are always sudden, even staggering. Cancel your web notifications.

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    Sexual Compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius

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    Aquarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

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    Love Matches

    Superficially, both have very different requirements in love — whereas to be adored is a real priority for a Leo, Aquarius compatibility is a more intellectual affair. However, in many ways the two signs complement one another. Leo is drawn to the uniqueness of Aquarius; Aquarius is drawn to the warmth of Leo.

    Compatibility on day to day issues is good too, as this partnership will broadly agree on matters like money management, family life, health and so forth. The biggest potential problem for Aquarius and Leo compatibility is when Leo decides to play the royalty card and begins to demand adoration and attention at a level Aquarius is not prepared to give.

    Sex with an Aquarius

    Aquarius is a highly independent sign, remember, and tends to neither give nor expect this kind of devotion. Fire signs like Leo benefit hugely from air signs like Aquarius because fire needs air in order to burn properly. When the relationship is going well, Aquarius and Leo compatibility will be a joy to behold: loving, creative and definitely ahead of its time.

    Among the various star sign compatibility combinations, this is one from which we can expect great things.

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