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What a week lies for ahead for relationships!

We have the New Moon in the partnership sign of Libra, and the love planet, Venus, goes from a clash with nasty Saturn to a loving connection with Jupiter. This is always a key event, but extra important this week because of the New Moon in Libra as Libra is the sign associated with the planet Venus. Think good thoughts, do your practices yoga, meditation, chanting and so on and focus on the love in your heart.

Ask the Libra Archangel Jophiel, or the goddess of love, Aphrodite, for help. You can also talk to Lakshmi and Kuan Yin. Later in the week is the Libra New Moon — always the time to make wishes about love, or to set your intentions for your love life in the year ahead.


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Then comes the sweet relief of a Venus connection to the planet of plenty, Jupiter. This is a week to be conscious of how you are in relationships, and to think about what you want. As you fall asleep each night, visualize your ideal day with your beloved whether he or she has manifested yet or not.

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The day has a very romantic yet adventurous note and it seems to affect you. Your partner on the other hand, has been having a rough morning.

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Not to worry, your excited nature is very infectious and will permeate soon into your partner as well. Soon, you will find you two having a wonderful time together. While together, try to avoid extremely crowded places today, your nature yearns for freedom today and crowds will hamper the spirit.

Instead, it will be a good idea to spend the day in adventure sports on a beach like parasailing or paragliding. Afterwards, you two and relax with a good meal, although it is good today to avoid seafood. Pay attention to health and especially feet today as them are vulnerable spots today. Today spells out a day of fun and revitalization.

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